Windows Cross Device Experiences


Improved Discoverability of Screen Casting Experiences for Increased Productivity





Main Goal

Enhance productivity for users by improved discoverability of the Screen Casting feature on Windows 11. 

Improved support to fix device connections and any other related problems faced by users.


Innovative enhancement to Screen Casting in Windows 11, which enables users to wirelessly project content to nearby PCs or displays.

With the new update, users will now see intelligent suggestions from their PC, guiding them to cast right when they need it.


Worldwide release across Windows 11 in Feb 2024.

Projecte: Improved adoption of Windows 11, and increase in productivity for users.

Published in Microsoft Tech Community article ‘Inclusive and productive Windows 11 experiences for everyone’

Updated support article published on Microsoft Support: Screen Mirroring and Projecting to your PC or Wireless Display

Smart In-context Notifications

Intelligent in-context notifications prompt users right when they need it, to leverage the devices around them, so they can enhance their productivity while multitasking and could use the extra real estate.

Improved Support

Improved content in support articles on Microsoft support to help users fix connections if they face issues, along with step by step instructions on how to Cast from one PC to another.

See who's talking about it

Microsoft Tech Community

Article: Inclusive and productive Windows experience for everyone

“Casting, the feature that allows you to wirelessly send content from your device to a nearby display, has been enhanced. You will receive notifications suggesting the use of Cast when multitasking, and the Cast menu in quick settings now provides more help in finding nearby displays and fixing connections.”


“The built-in casting feature that lets you send content to a nearby display in Windows 11 is also getting tweaked for the better. You’ll now get notifications for suggestions to use the Cast feature when multitasking, and there are improvements to Cast to offer help to find nearby displays and fix connection issues.”

Microsoft Insiders' Blog

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23601 (Dev Channel)


“New-and-improved Casting. Casting lets you “beam” content from your device to another nearby display. It now suggests the use of Cast while you’re multitasking via notifications. Plus, the Cast menu provides users with better help for finding adjacent displays.”