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2020 to 2021

Showcase of works available to the public only. Sharing of additional details are restricted under NDA. 


Sole and lead designer for Digital Safety features in India, with complete ownership of mutliple primary features like Screentime and Content Filters.

Collaborated closely with triad, partners and stakeholders in India and USA, to review, enrol and align on feature vision and goals. 

Responsible for end-to-end design of the feature including product planning, research, envisioning, ideation, high fidelity prototyping and iteration, specifications and documentation, accessibility, craftsmanship, engineering and data enquirie, feature testing and bug resolution. 


Increase in app rating on Android Play Store and Apple Store.

Increase in monthly active users for Content Filters by 38% over 2 yrs and for Screentime by 27.7% over 1 yr.

Successfully released primary features globally on mobile and web.

Content Filtering

Educational Websites

android, ios and web

Research suggested that parents often spent a lot of time sifting through their child’s web activity, monitoring the content they access so they stay safe online. Parents were often found allowing access to specific websites for their children that were educational in nature.

This improvement included a feature setting to automatically allow a list of Educational websites that we curated using AI, so parents can save their time. Parents could also provide feedback to improve the list. 

Design involved first run experiences, campaign marketing for parents, and enabling the setting on the Web and search filters page.

In Market 2021

Design System - Rich Notifications

android, ios and web

Enhanced visual design of notifications to be rich and informative. 
These improvements were incorporated as part of the product design system and leveraged by the entire team.

Web Activity

Activity History Review


The current experience was confusing and time consuming for parents. 
This redesign and optimisation aimed at saving time and energy for parents amidst their busy lives.

Improved information architecture, consolidation and organisation of Web Activity lists for parents to easily monitor, review and act on specific websites their children visit, allowing parents to stay informed, and have additional control of access to specific pages, all in one place.


In Market 2021


Enabling Android Device Screentime Limits

android, IOS, emails

Children often dislike being restricted by limits set on them. Screentime features helping parents have peace of mind while building momentd of joy and togetherness when their children have screentime, and enabling children to have fun, learn and grow while building better digital habits.

Design of notifications, screen overlays to ask for extra time from parents, and letting children know they’re out of time.
Illustrations, content and tone was intentionally playful and positive in style to foster a culture of postive growth for families.

In Market 2021

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